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the world is a science

and i'm like a secret

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it's elementary, my dear
5 March 1987

"There's no harm in being eccentric."

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10/rose, 30 seconds to mars, 500 days of summer, alias, alice in wonderland, amy adams, angelina jolie, anna torv, atlantis, avatar, avril lavigne, batman, billie piper, books, bradley cooper, britney spears, bruce banner, bruce wayne, bryce dallas howard, buffy the vampire slayer, carrie underwood, christian bale, cillian murphy, comic books, computers, concerts, daniel craig, david tennant, demi lovato, disney, doctor who, dogma, edward norton, edward/bella, elektra, emily blunt, entertainment weekly, evanescence, eve myles, exercising, fairies, fantasy, fight club, fringe, gemma arterton, glee, hannah montana, harry potter, himym, history channel, hitchhiker's guide, hot topic, ian somerhalder, imagine me & you, inglourious basterds, iron man, jack sparrow, james bond, jennifer garner, jim parsons, john barrowman, john cusack, johnny depp, josh lucas, kaley cuoco, kelly clarkson, kevin smith, kiss kiss bang bang, kristen bell, kristen stewart, lady in the water, lena headey, lizzy caplan, lost, magazines, marvel universe, matthew goode, megan fox, melissa george, merlin, michelle monaghan, miley cyrus, movies, muse, music, natalie portman, nicolas cage, nina dobrev, olga kurylenko, paramore, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, primeval, quentin tarantino, quidditch, rachel nichols, robert downey jr., robin hood, rose tyler, roswell, sam worthington, sarah conner chronicles, saturday night live, say anything, sci-fi, selena gomez, self magazine, serendipity, seth gabel, seth meyers, she & him, simon baker, sleepy hollow, sonny with a chance, spider-man, st. trinian's, star trek, star wars, stephen colbert, superheroes, susan levin, t.a.r.d.i.s., taylor swift, television, terminator salvation, the big bang theory, the colbert report, the daily show, the doctor, the lion king, the mentalist, the office, the time traveler's wife, the vampire diaries, timothy olyphant, tony stark, torchwood, true blood, twilight, vanessa paradis, veronica mars, watchmen, werewolves, witches, wizards, wizards of waverly place, writing, x-men, zooey deschanel

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